Bakery Items


Bakery & Restaurant

Hotel KP Inn is soon coming up with a spacious restaurant cum cafe which will serve healthy continental, Chinese,Indian combo along with Mocktails, Shakes, Moose etc. The food would be prepared by established chefs with their unique recipes and with a touch of warmth and love.


At Chini Cum Café, we emphasis on quality innovation and strict standardization of the processes for cakes, pastries & cookies.
We serve the most delicious, homemade, scrumptious, comforting cakes, pastries, cookies, all 'kneaded' with the freshest of ingredients and straight from the oven. One can have a range of Cakes & Cookies in various shapes suited to the requirement & tastes of everyone from children, teenagers to adults & for every occasion.
Fresh Sandwiches, wraps, puffs, rolls, burgers, pizzas are among a few savouries made by us alongwith range of Mocktails, Shakes and continental & Chinese fast food items.